Pediatric Intensive Care

Best Pediatric Intensive care Centre

We have a highly qualified & experienced team of doctors and nurses in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It is a 13 bedded Intensive care unit with State-of-the-art equipment & service to cater for all such children of Punjab and nearby states. We also have 24×7 emergency & transport services to cater to the need of such children.

Facilities Available at CLIO

Here at CLIO, we offer various facilities such as

  • State-of-the-art Pediatric Intensive Care unit for the monitoring of critically sick children from 1 month to 18 years of age.
  • 14 bedded PICU with isolation rooms, general ward and private rooms to cater to of all kinds of pediatric emergencies and pediatric illnesses.
  • Pediatric Pulmonology services and deal with wide spectrum of airway and pulmonary disorders, ARDS and childhood asthma.
  • Invasive and Non- Invasive modes of mechanical ventilation including HFOV.
  • Critical Care nephrology services do all forms of renal replacement therapies, peritonial Dialysis, Hemodialysis, CRRT.
  • Neurocritical care – Management of trauma, Status epilepticus, Raised intracranial pressure.
  • Cardiac Intensive care and management of cardiac emergencies like Myocarditis, Arrythmias, Congestive cardiac failure.
  • Complete care of critically sick children with sepsis, acute liver failure, acute renal failure with advanced real time hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Perioperative care of all surgical emergencies
  • Pediatric foreign body removal through flexible bronchoscopy
  • 24 hour emergency and transport services for sick children from all over Punjab and beyond.

Services Offered by us

Here at CLIO, we offer various services such as

  • 24×7 emergency services and transport
  • 14 bedded Pediatric ICU for sick children from 1 month to 18 years of age
  • Diagnostic and intervention bronchoscopy
  • Pediatric Dialysis services
  • Invasive and Non Invasive Ventilation
  • Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring

Other Departments

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