Born before time: Amidst challenges Courage wins

Hope and happiness: 430 gms at birth, miracle baby celebrates 3rd birthday

If we say in common words, this baby was less than a palm size, smaller than a mango,
veins were thinner than thread, trachea was just like a point, and a simple blood sample
extraction could have become a blood loss. When the normal weight of a baby is 2.5 to
3.5 kg, 430 gms at 23.5 weeks was just too small.

Clio Mother & Child Care Institute is proud to announce the celebration of a remarkable
milestone: the third birthday of a child who was born under high-risk circumstances. On
June 29, 2024, they commemorated the day with joy and gratitude.

Three years ago, they faced a challenging case of a 30-year-old expectant mother
carrying twins (one of which was dead baby), who went into premature labor at just six
months. Dr Venus Bansal, senior gynaecologist said that we successfully halted the
labor. Despite the odds, labor resumed five days later, resulting in the normal delivery of
a baby weighing merely 430 grams. These babies should be delivered with meticulous
planning and utmost care and skill, without using force to prevent injuries at birth.
Understanding the gravity of the situation, the parents were relentless in their decision
to provide all necessary support for their baby’s survival.

Immediate resuscitation and intensive care were provided which included a ventilator
for respiratory support, food pipe for expressed breast milk, IV lines for dextrose, fat,
vitamins minerals. Strict infection control protocols were followed as immunity of so
small babies is too weak and is one of the main culprit for low survival. Baby survived
the initial phase and Kangaroo Mother Care was introduced. After 77 days of relentless
effort from our pediatric team, the baby was discharged weighing a healthy 1.4
kilograms. Dr Vikas Bansal, Senior pediatrician and intensivist said that it was challenge
to maintain mother’s womb like condition in NICU supporting every organ of the baby,
preventing infection, weight gain and achieving positive outcome. Moreover, these
babies need regular follow-up for vision, hearing, neurological growth and development

Today, the once fragile baby is a thriving three-year-old attending nursery school and is
a living testament to the exceptional fight. The family expresses their profound
gratitude for the support and expertise that turned a high-risk pregnancy into a success

Dr Gurpreet Kochar, a Pediatric neurologist said that this baby is not alone in being
born too soon, as per WHO 134 lakh babies were born premature in 2020, of which 30
lakhs (22%) were from India. The knowledge that premature babies can make up and
courage to fight the odds helped kid achieve what he is today. The cycle has been
gifted to this baby as a mark of mental and physical health today and always.

Dr Mehak Bansal said that Parents need continuous motivation to support the baby.
And its not one person it’s the whole team that is needed to save these too-small
babies. So don’t get disheartened if preterm labor starts, reach a tertiary care hospital
with the baby still in the mother’s womb.

This case exemplifies medical heath care commitment to providing exceptional care for
mothers and babies, even in the most challenging situations.

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